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Poland, France and Russia 'steal' the land

10.08.2018 11:59
PaulPulverFri. 10 Aug. 2018, 11:59 Uhr

The problem is that some people feel perfectly right with the forced displacements and the massive war crimes committed against German civilians in the east. Germany under dictatorship of the Nazis beginning the war and comitting crimes against humanity doesn't justify to annihilate Prussia and German culture in its former eastern territories. I don't defend German cruelties in WWII at all, but crime for crime deosn't make it right in the end and there is especially no moral highround for these atrocities against German civilians during the war and in the aftermath of it. An eye for an eye is barbaric and nations who took revenge on unarmed, often innocent very young and very old German civilians are guilty of crimes against humanity, too. If you scroll through this topic, you'll realise that this matter has been discussed to death already and I don't want to start it from anew at all. WWII can't be seen correctly without the outcome of WWI and the mistreatment of Germany by the Entente, which next to other reasons made it easy for the Nazis to impose dictatorship. There is a lot of ignorance about this even today. Apparently it is still in vogue to blame it all on Germany,which is a very one-dimensional and simplyfied view on a very complex topic. Sure it was Germany's fault to start WWII, nevertheless you need to keep the whole background in mind, which also led to this cruel and devastating World War II.

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