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The Fall of East Prussia

03.08.2018 13:03
LarryBoydFri. 03 Aug. 2018, 13:03 Uhr

I am trying to get the invasion of East Prussia into some sort of order both mentally and in writing. I know the Russians fought their way into Gumbinnen and Goldap before retreating but Martin Gilbert in 'The Second World War' (page 606) said they were halted at Insterburg, just forth five miles from Wolfsschanze on October 22 and pushed back with Gumbinnen being recaptured on the 24 October.
As Insterburg is further inside Prussia they reached far into the region. Was there ever a danger of their taking the whole kreis with more troops or was it just to probe defences? What was the aim of it all? Please can I have references?
Any help will be apprecited.

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